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Is a cloud backup solution. While many competing solutions offer a public cloud backup, Syncrify is your own personal private cloud. There is no 3rd party involvement keeping your information 100% private guaranteed. Files are pushed or pulled from Syncrify client stored on a source machine will get saved to a host machine that is in your complete control in what is know as Multi-Tier Backup.


One of the biggest challenge faced by companies using service-based online backups is privacy. Syncrify allow you to create a private-cloud within your company. This means backed up files remain within your network, mitigating privacy concerns that usually arise from outsourcing backed up data to online service providers.

HTTPS ensures the communication channel between client and server is secure. Actual file transfers as well as any administrative task can be optionally encrypted using SSL. A self-signed SSL certificate comes bundled with the product that gets you up and running within minutes.

While HTTPS ensures a secure communication channel, encryption prevents unauthorized access to the files once they are copied on the server. Syncrify uses strong AES encryption to protect files, which can only be accessed with a password key.

User accounts
Every user is associated with a user id and password. Administrators can monitor who connects to the server in real-time.


Multi-Tier Backup
Unlike most backup software, Syncrify is a Multi-Tier backup system that significantly boosts performance when backing up data to a remote machine. Click here for more information.

Data is transferred using HTTP(S), which is a firewall-friendly protocol. Most companies allow out-bound HTTP traffic allowing Syncrify to run seamlessly without any additional configuration in the corporate firewall.

If you are familiar with DropBox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, you will love SyncriBox. SyncriBox is everything you get from these public cloud service without any privacy issues.

Incremental backup
Syncrify copies the part of file that is different between source and target allowing network administrators to backup gigabytes of data every day without sacrificing network bandwidth.

Access files from anywhere
Users can view or download their backed up files on Syncrify Server from any internet connected computer using just a web browser. Files are even accessible from mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Click here for more info.

Syncrify is seamlessly integrated with Windows Scheduler on Windows operating system, with launchd on Mac OS X and with cron on Linux.

Automatically maintain multiple versions of a backed up file on the server. Previous versions are stored as file-deltas reducing the disk usage to a minimum while providing the ability to restore any older version. Click here for more info.

Syncrify uses smart-compression, which compresses data before sending them over the network. In cases where compression has no or very little affect on the file size, Syncrify saves CPU cycles by transferring the files as-is. For example, a 10MB MP3 file won’t benefit from compression whereas a 10MB Text file can be easily reduced to less than 1 MB with compression.

Two-way sync
Synchronizing files in both directions synchronize one or more folders on multiple machines. Whether you want to synchronize documents or entire web servers, this feature makes sure you always have the latest version on every machine. Click here for more information.

Modify the name and logo that appears on the screen to give a more personal touch to your clients.

Email notifications
A backup log is sent via email to the user containing a list of files that were backed up.


Syncrify can be installed on any operating system including Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOSX, BSD and UNIX.

Web based administration
Administrators always connect to the server using a web browser to perform tasks like adding new users, running reports or monitoring user activity.

Easy to install
Installing Syncrify is a very easy. Simply download the installer and run it. An interactive wizard will guide you through the setup process. Within minutes you can have your clients/colleagues transfer files.

No other software is required to run Syncrify. There is no need to configure any web, database, or FTP server. Everything required to run Syncrify is included and gets configured automatically during installation.