WinSQL Updates

Version 11.0 Major Release

Version, Updated February 14, 2018

  • Enhanced catalog caching, which tremendously reduces the loading time of WinSQL
  • Lazy catalog fetching, allowing to catalog to load only when needed
  • New plugin for YellowBrick
  • Enhanced parametrized queries
  • Query results can be saved to HTML using a special comment
  • Ability to display errors in raw format
  • Integration with Windows Scheduler is improved
  • Enhanced intelli-tips. Writes a complete skeleton code for INSERT statements

Version 10.0 Major Release

Version, Updated June 28, 2017

  • Bug Fix: Stored procedure script cannot be displayed for MySQL
  • Bug Fix: WinSQL displays an error message when connection cannot be established when command line arguments are used, even if errors are redirected to an output file
  • Bug Fix: Browse button in the “Offline Backup” screen throws an exception
  • Bug Fix: WinSQL is unable to display results for queries containing more than 700 columns

Version, Updated May 04, 2016

  • Select All feature in result grid is now much faster.
  • SQL code can now be exported to Excel VBA
  • Work-around: IBM’s Driver for Informix crashes when pulling SQL Keywords. If SkipKeywords.txt file is found in the DataFolder, WinSQL will skip pulling the keywords, avoiding the crash.
  • Bug Fix: WinSQL displays 4294967295 for modified records when the ODBC driver is unable to return exact count of rows affected by a DML query.
  • Bug Fix: Unable to run more than 1000 queries
  • Bug Fix: Last row in the grid was not included when printing grid results

Version, Updated February 01, 2016

  • Copy All is added to the main menu
  • WinSQL now accepts -d, -u and -p parameters by itself and opens a connection to the desired back-end when opening up
  • The top-left cell in the grid brings up the popup menu when clicked.
  • Recently accessed files are displayed in Explorer Window on the right
  • File Save dialog box defaults to .SQL extension

Version, Updated January 11, 2016

  • Two new extensions are introduced: .sql32 and .sql64
  • WinSQL now accepts -d, -u and -p parameters by itself and opens a connection to the desired back-end when opening up
  • Bug fix: The feature on was not working
  • Ability to double click the grid header to sort by that column
  • Ability to switch currently selected tab with keyboard shortcuts

Version, Updated December 23, 2015

  • Available in 32 as well as 64 bits
  • Auto-Save Sessions
  • 100% UNICODE compatible
  • Enhanced interface
  • Enhanced E/R diagrams