Xeams Updates

Version 6.0 build 5948

August 14, 2017


  • Support for DMARC has been added. Click here for details
  • RFC822 Verifier rule has been updated to detect invalid email addresses in the FROM header
  • Temp files are removed much sooner rather than waiting until shutdown.
  • The web server can look for X-Forwarded-IP and X-Real-IP headers before black-listing IP addresses where unsuccessful login attempts are made.
  • The Message-ID header is recreated when restoring messages, preventing MS Exchange from suppressing restored messages.

Bug Fixes

  • Emails that go into Possible Junk cannot be searched.
  • Email on iPhone cannot display contents when connecting via IMAP.
  • Email containing special characters in buddy/enemy list cannot be removed
  • Messages received via POP3-Fetcher are not included in quarantine reports

Version 5.9 build 5934

May 15, 2017

Security Flaw

  • A major security flaw is patched that could allow non-authorized users to login as admin using the web interface.


  • New custom filter that looks for embedded attachments inside a PDF file leading to a ransomware.
  • New custom filter that implements a fuzzy search algorithm to detect previously received spam messages from different senders but similar content
  • Out-of-office notifications are added to user’s screen, allowing them to automatically notify senders when they are not in office.
  • Separator for score search is changed from a (-) dash to a comma. This is done to allow negative searches.

Bug Fixes

  • MS Office Macro detector has been updated to filter XLSX extensions.
  • BCC header filter does not work
  • Messages cannot be moved from Possible Junk to Junk

Version 5.8 build 5925 March 14, 2017


  • Restarting Xeams has been improved on Windows. The patcher will now try to restart Xeams multiple times if the first attempt fails.
  • Temp files are cleaned sooner.
  • New IP Reputation rule is introduced to mark subnets of IP addresses where junk messages are received
  • Smtp Envelope field MAIL FROM is now used to filter buddy/enemy lists.
  • A new operator To, CC, BCC is introduced for header filters
  • New log file called QuarantineReports.log is added that helps troubleshoot problems with Quarantine Reports.
  • IMAP server closes connection after 5 minutes if a client does not send requests but leaves connection open
  • Appearance is applied when a profile-admin logs in
  • Bug Fixes: A previously associated email address cannot be associated with a different user without restarting Xeams