Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.41.34 AMXeams

Is a complete email server with an exceptional filtering tool that keeps spam emails out of your inbox. With this spam filtering tool you are no longer subjecting yourself to opening potentially harmful emails that viruses, dangerous links, and files containing malware. Xeams is designed to protect you against spammers who wish to gain access to your private information.


100% In-house

Xeams is a 100% in-house solution. We can’t trust our emails going through any other company on the internet and you should not either.

3 Modes

Xeams can run in 3 different modes.

  • Stand Alone  – with no other server.
  • Firewall – run it as a spam-firewall in front of your actual email server, such as, MS Exchange, IBM Dominos, Zimbra or any other.
  • Hybrid – a combination of the two modes above.

Junk Filtering

Xeams provides 99% spam filtering right out of the box. Sophisticated score-based filtering rules are applied to every inbound and outbound message. Filter messages before they hit your actual email server.

Message Archiving

Xeams can archive years worth of emails and allows you to search any email that came in or went out of your organization. Every message is indexed making searches lightning fast.


Run multiple instances of Xeams in a master and slave configuration allowing for easy administrate. Changes made to rules on the master server will automatically propagate to the slave without any human interaction.

Easiest Installation

Simply double click setup.exe or run install.sh on Linux and Xeams will be up and running in seconds. No need to install any other software/database.

Remote Administration

Everything you do in Xeams is through an intuitive web interface allowing you to connect from any computer.

Deploy Anywhere

Xeams can be installed on any operating system including Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, Unix, and Mac OS X

Live Monitoring

Watch new emails as they arrive in the server. This is one of the most loved features and is exclusive only to Xeams.

Live Logs

Watch contents of the log files as they appear. This is another exclusive feature and helps tremendously when troubleshooting.

Extensive Reporting

Several reports show you, how many emails you are receiving in a day, week, month, and year. It also shows you a ratio of junk to good messages.

Never Lose any Email

Xeams keeps a complete history of every email ever received. You decide how many days you need to retain messages.

Cherry Pick Features

Although Xeams provides a complete email solution, you can enable/disable any features you like.

Rules Update

Spam rules are updated on an hourly basis automatically. Your server connects to our server to pull the latest spam filtering rules. No user intervention is needed. This means that you are always protected from the latest threats out on the internet.

Free Upgrades

Similar to rules update, new versions of the software are automatically downloaded to your server without any human interaction. Once a new upgrade is available, administrators are sent an email email containing a list of features and bug fixes.


Unlimited Usage

Xeams supports unlimited users and domains. There is no limit on the number of emails received by any particular user.

Email Protocols

Xeams supports all popular email protocols, such as SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. You can even fetch remote emails using a POPFetch. There are two types of SMTP server: traditional SMTP and SMTP proxy. Depending on your network typology, you can use on or both.

Mailing/Distribution List

Built in support for mailing lists exists in Xeams. Using the Administrative console, you can easily build new mailing lists and modify existing ones.

Customized Email Footer

Allows for a customized message to appear in the footer of every email. Such as a companies privacy or policy statement.

Policy Management

Xeams allows you to enforce your company policies. Alert emails are sent to managers whenever a policy violation occurs.

Automatic Indexing

Every message that comes in gets indexed by a built in search engine. This allows users to search older messages within seconds. Whether they are one day or 100 days old.

Intrusion Indexing

Several logs in Xeams are used to detect if a malicious user is trying to get information off of your server.

Quarantine Reports

Xeams can automatically send quarantine reports containing a summary of emails that have been quarantined for a user. This allows the user to restore any messages that gets incorrectly quarantined by the system. They can also mark a message as good to prevent it from getting blocked in the future.